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New house, new life

  It’s how crazy how much can change in so little time! Thinking about it now it was just a few months ago we were planning on buying another house about an hour outside of Tehachapi to get back to “civilization”. As much as I truly love Tehachapi,...

When my baby cries, I hold him.

We all have this image of what kind of parents we will be before we have kids. Me? I was sure that I’d be a hard ass. My baby would be well trained (can you tell I’m a dog person?) and I would be strict about what was and wasn’t allowed from the very beginning. They’d...

5 Tips for Living on One Income

My husband and I have been together for over eight years now and we’ve finally welcomed a little baby into our family. Over the years we’ve gone in and out of being a one income family as I was in between jobs or starting a business. Now, with our son in the picture,...

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