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garden dreaming

Whatever-is-happening-with-the-weather-right-now and I have a love hate relationship. The warmth in the middle of winter is totally welcome. But at the same time here I am dreaming of spring and gardens already when I know I can’t start for at least a couple of...

Dear Roxy

Dear Roxy, As I type this the tears are already filling my eyes and my heart aches to be with you for just one more minute. The thought that you’re not here is so surreal and I wonder when I’ll stop expecting to see you in your bed out of the corner of my...

Friendsgiving + Thanksgiving

The Saturday before Thanksgiving we were excited to invite all of our friends up for a Friendsgiving feast! Since we live about 100 miles away from everyone we figured it’d be a great way to have everyone come visit. Kim came up to help prepare aka be my chef....

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