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One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon. Seriously, what can’t you buy on Amazon? I recently had to look through my orders in search of a model number and I’m too embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to find that order because I had placed so many orders since then. Target-less small town problems, right? But enough about my Amazon spending problem, let’s talk about using the Amazon affiliate program with Squarespace!

If you have a Squarespace blog, using Amazon Associates is easy and once it’s set up you can simply drop Amazon products into your posts to flow seamlessly with the rest of the post. This is maybe one of the coolest features in Squarespace if you use Amazon Associates.

Let’s say you wanted to feature a product from Amazon. For example, this is the computer I use on a daily basis and the most crucial tool in my blog and business…

Now I’m going to show you exactly how to add Amazon products to your own Squarespace posts!

1) Find your Amazon Associates tracking ID

First sign into your Amazon Associates account. If you only have one tracking ID then it’ll be in the top right corner.

If you set up several tracking ID’s for different websites, then you can find them by clicking on your email address and then on “Tracking Codes”

Your tracking code is a code that ends in -20 as seen below. Copy this because it’s what you’ll be inputting to Squarespace.

2) Add your Amazon Associates tracking code to your Squarespace account

Head to the main menu in Squarespace and go from Settings -> Advanced -> External Services

Then enter your Amazon tracking ID in the box shown below.

Now you’re all set to start inputting products directly into Squarespace using the Amazon block! Once you have this set up, anytime you use the Amazon block to add a product it will automatically use your tracking ID.

3) add products into squarespace

Begin with opening up a new post, page, or where ever you want to add your Amazon product. Then click the line to insert a block as shown below.

Next scroll down and click the Amazon block.

Once you add it, head to Amazon and find the item you’d like to add. You can search within the Amazon block as well, but unless you’re very specific there will be a bunch a of different options.

Once you find the product you want to add scroll down and find the AISN. Copy that code to paste in Squarespace.

Now paste that code into the “Find a Product” box and make sure you click on the item to select it. Then you can choose the options you want. For this post I activated “Show Image”, “Show Title”, “Show Price” and “Add Buy Button”.

Below is the result of the steps I showed you and will seamlessly flow with the rest of your website or blog! It looks much better, in my opinion, than grabbing the code directly from Amazon. Plus, way less work!

I hope this helps you if you are part of the Amazon Associates program! Thanks for reading 🙂

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