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After committing to do this through the year I somehow fell off the habit-making habit in April! I definitely want this to be a regular monthly thing so I’m bringing it back even though it’s a week into October.


Try to make someone smile everyday

I have to admit this month’s habit is a little bit cheesy, but I want to make a habit out of making people feel good. All it takes is a compliment, a smile from yourself or holding open a door to make someone smile. Since I work from home I’m going to assume that a lot of what I do will involve making people smile with nice texts, emails, tweets, etc. but I accept that.

Yesterday I made someone smile by talking to them about little Venice while we were at the vet and letting them pet her. I also tipped at starbucks which was a whole fifty cents, but is worth a smile I think!

Would you like to join me on creating a new habit this month? Comment below with your new habit and check in with me at the beginning of next month.

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