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Even before having a baby I felt overwhelmed by all the chores buzzing around inside my head when working from home. It’s a constant internal battle whether I should clean the kitchen or get work done. I usually end up just cleaning the kitchen because it’s bothering me and I can’t focus, or I work and it takes me way longer because like I said, I can’t focus.

Once the baby came it made sense to just get someone to help around the house once a week. That sounds like a lot, but it really just helps me maintain the house much easier because I know someone is coming within the next week to help me catch up. I can spend nap times getting a little work done (like I am right now) instead of worrying when the last time I steam mopped the floor. Below are some ways that hiring help really changed my work from home life.

Increased My Focus

If there is something that needs to get done that’s driving me absolutely crazy, but I just do not have time to take care of I have a very specific course of action that I take. I write it down for the cleaning lady to do. That simple act reminds me that it’s going to happen soon and I can get back to focusing on what I need to.

Increased My Productivity

Because my house no longer goes more than a week without being cleaned I have an easier time getting things done. I am able to take the time to get work done and get it done quickly without wondering what else I’m supposed to be doing.

Boosted My Business

Since I have a little more time and focus I’ve been able to really get my butt into gear. I have so many ideas flowing, I’ve got my editorial calendar planned out for for months and I just feel like I’m owning my business instead of just maintaining and struggling to get by.

What about the money?

It can be hard to find the extra money to get help around the house. Especially if you’re a freelancer and your paycheck varies greatly. There are some months that are so slow I barely make anything. But now that I have this extra expense it pushes me a little bit to make at least enough to cover the cleaning lady.

How much do I pay?

I personally pay $10 an hour and only have her come for 2 hours a week. That’s more than enough time for her to quickly go over the whole house if I need her to, or if I’ve been really good about maintaining the house I’ll give her a project like deep cleaning the bathrooms. This costs me a whole $20 a week, which can be a lot to some people and was certainly hard for me to commit to. But if I charge $40 an hour and bill 2 hours a month, it’s covered. And so totally worth it.

As we bring in more money I plan to hire her to help more hours a week and even possibly find additional help not just for my house, but for my business. I think some of us (me included) come from this place of wanting to be able to do it all. Of course I want to be a successful entrepreneur and supermom and be able to say I do it all myself, but I’m learning quickly that getting a little help is helpful for my sanity, my family and my success.

Do you hire anything out? Gardner? Cleaning lady? Someone to come watch your kids for a few hours? How about in your business? I’d love to hear! 

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