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Design Process

Design Process

The first step is to contact me so we can talk a bit about your project and what you’re hoping to achieve. Once we have figured out exactly what you’ll be needing, I will provide you with a quote. If everything looks good to you, I will send over an invoice. The full amount is due on projects $1,000 or less. If your project is over $1,000 we will split it up with a deposit up front and the rest will be due right before installation.

Once the invoice is paid, I will provide you with a more detailed questionnaire to collect information from you about your style, inspiration, etc. I recommend you take an hour or so to go through the form and search the internet for inspiration. This part of the process is crucial in giving me an idea of what it is you want. The more information and inspiration you can give me at this point, the better I will be able to fulfill your vision.

Upon receiving your filled out the questionnaire, I will go over it and ask any questions I may have. Then the design work starts! From here on out it varies slightly, based on what kind of design project we’re working on. But usually I will provide you with a mock up of the header or full design to begin. Included in each design package is up to 3 initial concepts of the header design and then 3 revisions of the final concept to perfect colors + details. The same goes for the layout design, you will get 3 initial concepts and 3 revisions of the design you chose to perfect it. Please note that anything beyond the 3 initial concepts + 3 revisions will be billed to you at $35/hr.

When a final design is approved, I will begin building a test site so that you can see how your design will look live. No changes will be made once we get to this point. The test site phase really just for me to get the design perfected and for you to see how it functions live. Once the test site is done and I have your final approval I will collect login info for your website and then schedule installation. Usually installation will take just a few hours because I worked out most of the coding and kinks during the test site phase. If your website is new, I will put up a “maintenance mode” (for wordpress sites only) and begin the installation. If you are on blogger or have a current website, I will create a test site so you can see it live before installation.

When I have completed the installation of your blog, you have 7 days to come to me with any minor changes or tech support questions.

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