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Morro Bay and Our Little Surprise

I’m finally sharing the photos from our Morro Bay trip back in October! Every year we take a week and go somewhere for our anniversary. We decided to stick a little closer to home and spend time relaxing on the beautiful Central California coast. Most of our...


Monterey is such a beautiful, wonderful city. Living in southern California all my life, beaches are have consistently been part of my life. But the beaches in southern California are vastly different from beaches up the coast. Head up the coast a couple hundred miles...

Mid-Week Sedona, AZ Getaway

One thing we rarely do is get away, by ourselves, during the week. With a husband who works a typical 8-5 job, it’s hard to get weekdays off even though my hours are completely flexible. But last week we were able to take a few days to ourselves and refresh in...

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