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Free Day Planner Printable

The wannabe organized person in me is obsessed with planners. I’ve almost always had a paper planner because I just can’t function properly trying to do it all digitally. About a week ago I transitioned into a small binder-style planner which I shared in a...

How I Use CoSchedule + Evernote to Plan Blog Content

Want to save this for later? The way I currently plan and create blog content isn’t exactly profound, but it’s a system that seems to work great for me and I wanted to share that with you today. I think it’s important to have a process, or a system, for anything you...

Blog + Biz Goals for July 2015

Each month I plan to share my blog and biz goals as well as results from previous months. My intention is to be as transparent and helpful as possible to others in creative business by sharing more behind the scenes type of information that most blogs and businesses...

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