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20140428-100316.jpgHappy Monday! I just wanted to do a little check in from my cozy bed at the Excaliber hotel in Vegas. I haven’t stayed here since I was a kid so it was fun to stay somewhere that felt new. We leave today, but I got to spend some good quality time with a lot of my extended family including family visiting from the Philippines.

We did a lot of eating, a lot of basically feeding money to the slots and I even split a few big girl drinks with my cousin who jus turned 21 last month. I swear she was like 6 a couple years ago. Cue the “I’m so old” feeling!

We head back home today, but I’m sure we’ll make our traditional stop at the Primm Outlets to do a little shopping before we go. Blaine decided to stay home this time, so he made some amazing progress around the house – mostly on my projects. What a guy, right?

Here’s to a productive week after a fun weekend getaway!

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