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dogs-on-leashThank you for all the sweet comments on my last post. It’s been almost a week and while my heart still aches, I’m healing. Yesterday was my first day without tears and I almost feel guilty, as if not crying means I don’t miss her. I do, Roxy, I promise. I had no idea that post would touch so many and bring tears to people I’ve never met or spoken to. I honestly just wanted to share her life, her story and my love for that sweet girl. It is by far my most viewed post thanks to Marley’s Mutts, the dog rescue I work and volunteer for, and Liz who posted it on their facebook page. I read every single one of the 200+ comments on facebook plus every comment on this blog and knowing so many people were thinking of Roxy and sharing in her story brought a little joy to a difficult time.

My days have been spent trying to keep busy and just focus on living life. My three remaining dogs have enjoyed many walks and extra snuggles. I’m starting to catch up on so many things that I let slide a bit over the holidays and then again once everything happened with Roxy.

The day she passed was a beautiful sunny day and so was every day after that, until today. I’ve been thankful for the warmth of the sun, it sure has helped to heal my heart. Thanks again to everyone who had something comforting to say and to my husband who never once judged me when I started to cry out of (seemingly) nowhere.

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