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Last December (2011)I’ll admit it, I started listening to Christmas music two days ago. Shame on me. But now it’s December and we’re allowed, right? Spotify is my absolute favorite for listening to music and I have an ever-growing Christmas playlist. Right now? Mostly N’Sync, Glee, She & Him and Hanson. There is a lot of randomness going on in that little list.

We’re going to start decorating this weekend and I’m so excited! It amazed me how many people jumped to it the day after Thanksgiving and had their trees and decor all up right away. We wait a bit because we do a real tree and if we get it too early they start to dry out by Christmas. I had no idea so many people did artificial trees. I just couldn’t imagine not having a real tree! Our plan is to start decorating this weekend, but I’m thinking maybe we’ll hold off on the tree until next weekend in the name of freshness.

The weather has been pretty mild, chilly but not freezing which I’m totally ok with. This year I’m participating in Dressember! I had no idea this existed until this year and I’m excited about the challenge to wear dresses all month. It’ll be tough for me because (first) I don’t have that many dresses, although I wear them a lot and (second) I work from home so I generally get up, pull on some yoga pants and call it a day. But not having enough dresses  means one thing, my favorite thing: SHOPPING! I’ll of course attempt to document it with photos, but I just cannot do outfit photos where someone else is taking the photos (usually my sister or husband). They usually start alright and then all of a sudden…

Wow - I'm hot.

That pretty much happens every time. I’m sorry you had to see that. But now you see why outfit posts aren’t my thing. Consider yourselves lucky. I should totally make that a Kintage ad, huh? So appealing.

I hope you all have a lovely, lovely start to December. I’m pretty much done Christmas shopping already (oh yeah!) so I’m going to spend a lot of time DIYing some pretty decorations.

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