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I keep wanting to say that these little ladies are new additions to our “fur family”, but they don’t have any fur so…

Aren’t they the cutest ever! I didn’t want to get all crazy in their faces and stress them our too much on their first day, so I’ll get more in a day or two when they’ve settled in. I definitely need to get pictures of them sleeping. It’s the funniest. They sleep with their necks stretched out, faces down, wings slightly out. It was creepy at first because they kind of look dead, but now it’s endearing. We’re hoping they’re all female because we’re hoping for some fresh eggs around this place. It’s hard to tell when they’re this young, but we’ve been told there’s an 80% chance they are, heh. With how many eggs we go through and my insistency on buying cage free, organic, it’ll save us a ton. Also – I think I made up the word “insistency”, no? Anyway — they live in a box in our downstairs bathroom for now. Blaine and I sneak in there a couple of times an hour to just look at them because they’re so squishy and cute!

In other news — Kintage is coming along well! Taking photos, photo editing, uploading, writing descriptions, etc has been taking so so long, but I can see the finish line and hope to open up in the next week. I thought I’d give you guys, my lovely blog readers, a little sneak preview. You can also see some of the items I’ll be carrying and keep updated on our facebook page. Let me know what you think of everything, I love feedback, it’ll help keep the store stocked with things everyone loves!

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