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Do you know what a new year means? A new day planner! I’m obsessed. No seriously. I haven’t found one yet that I’ve been 100% in love with. There have been some good ones, but I’m always on the lookout for better ones. This year I lost mine and gave up. Honestly – not having work or school to worry about, I just set any random appointments in my phone. But that’s definitely NOT as satisfying and I’m starting with a new day planner for 2012.

My idea of the perfect planner:

  • Has the entire week laid out on one spread (the 2 pages that are visible to you)
  • Lines, I need lines.
  • Lots of lines. None of those planners that have a design on one page and then has all 7 days squeezed onto the other page. Waste of space.
  • Either spiral bound (small spiral, not the huge ones that get in the way) or lay-flat. I can’t stand the ones that don’t open all the way or have huge spirals so my writing gets all crazy near the crease.
  • No times. Aside from appointments, my life doesn’t really go by a real schedule. It’s more a to-do list.
  • Relatively durable cover – as Blaine always says, anything that goes in my purse will get destroyed.
  • The right style — not too girly, or techy. I like clean and simple, but with style.
  • Thick pages – sometimes I write with fine point sharpies, I’d like it to not completely bleed through.

Yes, I did just type that out and I do feel a little on the insane side. I made my mind up a few weeks ago and ordered the one below on amazon, but I’ve included some of the runner ups. The one I picked is bigger than I usually go, about the size of those black and white composition notebooks. But the layout is exactly what I wanted.

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