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It’s here! We are nearing the end of 2011 and I’m looking forward to so many things this month. My little sister (bff) and her husband are coming to visit for about three weeks mid-month. And then there’s, you know, Christmas. Then there’s the fact that not only is it our first Christmas in our new home, but in our new town where we actually get winter weather. Growing up in southern California, 30 miles from the beach all I could do was dream of a snowy Christmas morning. It doesn’t snow a lot here, but there’s a chance and I’m crossing my fingers! Cross yours for me too, please?

We haven’t started decorating for the holidays yet, but that’s my plan for this weekend. I’m hoping we can go pick up a Christmas tree and put up lights. I just know that will get me in the mood for going all out with the holiday decor. I have a few projects planned, one of which I picked up supplies for yesterday and I hope to do today.

On top of all of the holiday decorating and projects, I have so many gifts I need to get started on. I’ve done a little shopping, but I haven’t started on any of the gifts I’m making which is so typical of the procrastinator in me. To be honest, I have some fabric I picked out for certain people’s presents, but I still haven’t figured out what to do with them. Ha. Luckily (well, not luckily, but you know) Blaine is gone all week so I can be really productive and distracted when I need to be.

Yesterday I finished up our Thank You/Meet the Barker cards which I’m kind of in love with and will probably do a short post DIY post on as soon as they’ve been sent and most of the people have gotten theirs. I just need to find envelopes, so back to the scrapbook shop I go today!

December Goals
  • Mail out Thank You’s
  • Mason Jar Snowglobes
  • Sew Stockings for Blaine & myself
  • Find the perfect 2012 planner
  • Try a new (hopefully healthy) recipe each week
  • Go thrifting with my little sister at least once (it’s not the same with anyone else!)
  • Plan out business & blog goals for next year
  • Finish unpacking & organizing my studio

Are you as excited for December as I am? What are your goals?

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