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I really honestly love the rain. During our storm a week or two ago, my facebook was flooded with complaints about the rain. I hope I’m not the only southern California girl who LOVES the rain. Driving in the rain? A little scary since most people can’t seem to handle it. But in general, I love it. I don’t really own the attire for it, but I make it work.

This past week was filled with school and working and filling orders. I’ve gotten mostly caught up now, though, and things can go back to normal! I also made yummy home made pizza with homemade crust two nights this week. It was definitely a hit! I have tried pizza several times, but had a hard time finding a crust recipe that I liked, but I think I finally found it!






The second night I made it, it was gone before I could even take pictures! But it was fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, spinach & pesto pizza. SO yummy. I think I’ll be picking up some whole wheat flour for next time.

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